Choosing a cover image for Philly Create 6

A little backstory…when shooting the cover we had about 20 minutes at the first location (ferris wheel) and about an hour at the 2nd location (Independence Mall) to shoot the cover image as well as the short film. It wasn’t an easy task as we got kicked out of shooting at both locations due to the size of our team and the clothes were too dope for security not to say something.

Tip: If you are shooting with a big team consider getting a permit so you don’t get shut down. If you can’t get a permit downsize your team so you don’t draw so much attention

So how do we choose a cover image?

Well it all starts with what you want to communicate with your visuals.

When approaching the cover for Philly Create 6 we wanted to communicate 3 things

  1. Philadelphia fashion is powerful and slept on and deserves recognition.

  2. Philly Create is the best place to find and connect with the dopest visual creatives around.

  3. Philly Create 6 is fashion inspired so we wanted people to be super creative with their fashion choices and also have fun.

We ended up with 2 different options for the cover and each photo had a different tone and feeling. We chose cover 1 because the ferris wheel and carnival style background brought a playful element and the tone was more alive and vibrant. In these images we weren’t selling the clothes, we were selling the ideas and values connected to Philly Create.

Let us know which one if you agreed with our choice for the cover.

Creative Director: Sam Colon - IG @ThankyouSam

Photographer: Tomie Wilson - IG @departed_archetype

Designers: Shoalyn Opal Brown - IG @TheOfficialSho / Destiny Garner - IG @_D.Garner_

Models: Morgan Gibbons - IG @Morgggan / Casey - IG @Casey.Dandridge / Triniti - IG @Trinitiis / Xing Lauj - IG @XingXinglor

VIdeographers: Alieu Turay - IG / Alex Choi - IG @_AlexhChoi