Philly Create 4: New year new energy

It’s mid January and the 4th installment of our Philly Create photographer/model meet-up is upon us. Ironically, just like our first official meetup, our main concern the night before is the weather. Back in July 2018, we found ourselves face to face with an afternoon of straight rain showers. Today, the weather app says 58 degrees but it’s been changing all week - 4 days ago it said we’d be getting snow. Who knows if the weather app can really be trusted?

Regardless, with over 150 excited creatives already confirmed for the event, we knew we would have to move forward rain or shine once again. So we bundle up and head over to the designated area in the Piazza right behind Wahlburgers about 45 minutes early to get our bearings and finalize any details for the day.

When we arrive the wind is whipping around and making it feel 15 degrees colder than reported; the first thing somebody says is “…damn, it’s cold out here.” However, any nerves or doubt we had immediately go out the window as soon as the first group of creatives pulls up. The energy is indescribable; photographer eyes scan the space, already looking for the best spots with the best lighting, while models gravitate to other models with similar looks, already planning their future collaborations. By the time 11am rolls around we find ourselves surrounded by a mid-sized mob full of stylists, models, photographers, vloggers, painters, drone pilots, and any other type of creative you can imagine.

From there the creative free-for-all began to grow a mind of its own. Some of the amazing scenes that came from this talented community of creatives include:

A special thank you to Jinxed vintage shop, Creep Records, and the 150+ creatives who helped make this our biggest photo meetup yet. Check out the photo album links below or browse the #PhillyCreate hashtag on Instagram for a look at some of the work that came out of PhillyCreate.

For additional Photos and Content check the links below or search #PhillyCreate on Instagram









Philly Create 2: Event Recap

Philly Create 2: College Edition was hosted at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa. We had the opportunity to connect with almost 100 creatives from colleges around the Philadelphia area. Temple University, Drexel, Lasalle, UPenn, St. Joes, West Chester, Villanova, Lincoln, Cheyney, Rutgers, CCP and more.

This Philly Create Event was for college creatives new to the Philadelphia area that wanted to connect with other college creatives in the area. We had an amazing group of featured models, photographers and videographers that really made the space dynamic and fun. Each creative brings different ideas and energy to the space. Below you can check out the video and photos from the Philly Create event.

Video: Sean Higgins

Philly Create continues despite 100% chance of rain

Its the week before the first ever Philly Create and the event numbers are looking good(we have 91 rsvps) but the weatherman is calling for rain and 2 of our team members find out they are going out of town.  We have 2 options...A. Reschedule the event to the following weekend or B. Continue despite the 100% chance of rain (info via  We decide to wait until Thursday in hopes that the weather might change to make the announcement.

Thursday rolls around and now we have 2 days until the event, 145 rsvps and 100% chance of rain on event day.  Our rsvps is a good mix of photographers, models, artists, stylists, creative directors and more but this rain is really in the way.  We go with the logical answer...B. Continue despite 100% chance of rain, now the work of communicating well enough that models and photographers will still join us in creating art despite the rain.

We developed the Rain or Shine Campaign (for Instagram story only) where we explained why it is important for creatives to create regardless of the elements.  We also mixed in tips for shooting in the rain and inspirational figures that would create regardless of the rain including Thanos, Beyonce, Nemo, The Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles and more.

We post the campaign to Instagram and event day arrives and its raining and people are still rsvping all day despite the rain.    Our final count of rsvps is 169.   We had a total of about 65 people participate in the event despite the rain and the event was amazing.  We shot at City Hall, Cret Park and Spin Philadelphia, everyone endured the rain and maintained good energy the entire day.  Thank you to Spin for allowing us to use the space to create and thank you to all of the Philly Create community that came out and made the event successful