Why "Being Social" is so important

As a creative I always go back and forth with myself on whether I should go out and socialize (because its good for you) or stay in, create, sit around,watch IG stories, complain about boredom and just lean in to that anxiety/anti-social feeling that creeps in every time I set up plans to go out. It is from those feelings and the need to remain connected to our community that the “Being Social’ event was born.

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Phenomenal Women 3: A Night of Pure Togetherness

“It’s empowering to be in a space solely created by women because it shows just how powerful and what a force of nature we can be. It is even more exciting because it is a creative experience and such a wonderful expression of women” -Anezka Kurian, Guest (@anezkalicek).  

Artist @jas.tot artwork based on the Phenomenal Women in Philly flyer was one of the many amazing pieces of artwork on display.  via @mck.bert

Artist @jas.tot artwork based on the Phenomenal Women in Philly flyer was one of the many amazing pieces of artwork on display.

via @mck.bert

         On Saturday March 30th, 2019, a group of women were given a chance to showcase their art, talent, and success stories at ‘Phenomenal Women 3’, the third part of the series celebrating phenomenal women in the community. It was taken place at Circle of Hope, a thrift store in South Philadelphia. The event featured four female panelists, 20+ female artists and vendors, and a female DJ.

         The night begun with people filling into the space with all the artists’ work spread across the walls. Everyone was slowly walking around admiring the pieces, with the artists nearby to talk about their inspiration. The atmosphere truly felt radiant, rich, and stimulating to everyone’s emotions and mind. One of the artists, Sarah Alahmadi (@___sharika.art), shared her feelings about being at the event, stating “It feels really empowering, even though I am just a small part of the making of the event, but seeing all the women here makes me feel empowered to see how creative they are. I feel very inspired.”

         As people were walking around, there was an eye-catching and beautifully made art installation called “The Illusion of Scarcity”, created by the talented Sam Colon of OEM. It was an all pink backdrop with pink chairs stacked up on top of each other and one chair sitting right in the middle for people to sit. The installation represented the idea of having more than one seat at the table for women, despite society telling us otherwise. People constantly came up to take a picture with it, as it was such an aesthetically pleasing piece of art. “I’m not a woman so I will never truly understand the struggle they endure daily, but I have a mother and grandmother and while building this I attempted to put myself in their shoes to try and understand.” -Sam Colon, Artist (@thankyousam)

Phenomenal Women in Philly panelist Ashley Primis poses with her daughter in front of “The Illusion of Scarcity” art installation.  via @al.turay

Phenomenal Women in Philly panelist Ashley Primis poses with her daughter in front of “The Illusion of Scarcity” art installation.

via @al.turay

 I personally felt really moved by the four panelists during the panel discussion that happened towards the end of the night. The panelists were DJ Diamond Kuts, Tina Wells, Melissa Alam, and Ashley Primis. Each one provided insight in their respective fields, and made me feel like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I felt that everyone was relatable in a sense of how they got to where they are, their mindset, and their drive. The segment was full of inspirational moments:

         “In the very beginning I definitely wanted to be more than just a female DJ, I wanted to be an all around great DJ.. I put in so much work that now I AM that DJ. I’m not just put into a female DJ category, I can stand with the guys” - DJ Diamond Kuts, Entrepreneur/Producer/Radio DJ (@djdiamondkuts)

            “Jump into anything that you can do because you’re going to learn the skill set that’s going to translate, even if you change fields” -Ashley Primis, Deputy Editor for Philadelphia Magazine (@AshleyPrimis)

         “If people tell you that it’s not possible it’s because it’s not possible for them, not because it’s not possible for you” - Tina Wells, Founder/CEO of Buzz Marketing Group (@tinacwells)

         “I had such a great time at the event and was so happy to be invited. I loved what Tina said about “embracing our chaos” because that’s exactly what I feel like I’ve been doing!” -Melissa Alam, Entrepreneur & Brand Strategist (@ringthealam)

Phenomenal Woman in Philly panelists listening to a question from the audience.  via @al.turay

Phenomenal Woman in Philly panelists listening to a question from the audience.

via @al.turay

         Overall, the night was uplifting for all women. Only Elite Matters curated an experience that allowed everyone to feel encouraged to be their best selves and to have no limitations to their goals, dreams, and aspirations. This was the perfect ending to International Women’s Month and I am happy to be have been a part of a space that exuded inclusivity, creativity, and just PURE togetherness.

         “To all my phenomenal women – Often times society makes women believe that there is only room for one woman to be at the top, causing women to compete against each other. But, there is room for more than one woman at the table” -Victoria Chhor, (@therealslickvick).


         -Leilani Encarnacion, (@leilaninicolex)

Philly Create continues despite 100% chance of rain

Its the week before the first ever Philly Create and the event numbers are looking good(we have 91 rsvps) but the weatherman is calling for rain and 2 of our team members find out they are going out of town.  We have 2 options...A. Reschedule the event to the following weekend or B. Continue despite the 100% chance of rain (info via weather.com).  We decide to wait until Thursday in hopes that the weather might change to make the announcement.

Thursday rolls around and now we have 2 days until the event, 145 rsvps and 100% chance of rain on event day.  Our rsvps is a good mix of photographers, models, artists, stylists, creative directors and more but this rain is really in the way.  We go with the logical answer...B. Continue despite 100% chance of rain, now the work of communicating well enough that models and photographers will still join us in creating art despite the rain.

We developed the Rain or Shine Campaign (for Instagram story only) where we explained why it is important for creatives to create regardless of the elements.  We also mixed in tips for shooting in the rain and inspirational figures that would create regardless of the rain including Thanos, Beyonce, Nemo, The Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles and more.

We post the campaign to Instagram and event day arrives and its raining and people are still rsvping all day despite the rain.    Our final count of rsvps is 169.   We had a total of about 65 people participate in the event despite the rain and the event was amazing.  We shot at City Hall, Cret Park and Spin Philadelphia, everyone endured the rain and maintained good energy the entire day.  Thank you to Spin for allowing us to use the space to create and thank you to all of the Philly Create community that came out and made the event successful