Why "Being Social" is so important

Human beings are social animals, and the tenor of someone's social life is one of the most important influences on mental and physical health. - Psychology Today


As a creative I always go back and forth with myself on whether I should go out and socialize (because its good for you) OR stay in, create, sit around,watch IG stories/Netflix, complain about boredom and just lean in to that anxiety/anti-social feeling that creeps in every time I set up plans to go out.

It is from those feelings that the “Being Social’ event was born.

I decided to hit up my dj friends @ItsDJDJ and @LeonXavier_ and tell them about the idea for the event and get feedback and they said “Lets do it!” . Then I hit up my boy Drew aka @_BlueW3rd to see if he wanted to perform and the response was “Absolutely”. So here we are with 2 Dj’s and an artist with one of the hottest summer songs in Philly ready to go.

Friday, August 2, 2019/ 6pm-10pm/ 216 Market St. Philadelphia, Pa

Friday, August 2, 2019/ 6pm-10pm/ 216 Market St. Philadelphia, Pa

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This event is designed to be a space that bridges the gap between social media and the real world…you can come and connect with other creatives, chill, have a drink, listen to music, share upcoming projects and get some pizza with people you have never met or people you only know online. (theres a pizza shop connected to the bar)

Its not a party which is why the event is from 6pm-10pm, but it is a community builder and connector event. One of the dopest aspects of this event is that it is during First Fridays in Old City.

What is First Fridays in Old City?

On the first Friday evening of every month, art galleries change over the art for the upcoming month and invite guests to view the galleries and new art ranging from painting to photography to sculpture. Its super casual and the atmosphere encourages art appreciation, connecting with other artists and art-lovers and just enjoying the energy of Old City.

Below is some of the art from past first Fridays.

First Friday Recommendation: Go to Arch Enemy Arts its my favorite gallery in Philadelphia.