Emerging Designers: featuring Destiny Garner and Shoalyn Opal Brown

Shoalyn Opal Brown and Destiny Garner are more than just creators of edgy Philadelphia fashion. Both of these emerging designers find their inspiration in social issues and the state of the world.

I had the opportunity to connect with them as well as have our team shoot a few of the pieces from their recent collections Submerged Beauty and Black Unicorns.

Submerged Beauty by Shoalyn OPAL Brown

Why fashion?

Conceptual Fashion Design is my way to communicate issues that are important to me and I feel need more attention as a society.

What’s the name of the collection and what inspired it?

Submerged Beauty steams from inspiration of Mental Health and Drugs. As humans we are not perfect and I wanted to make a statement that although this it is a struggle trying to balance your Mental Health and a struggle to find healthy coping mechanisms, through it all you’re still beautiful. You’re beautiful and the journey as well is beautiful.

What do you want people to take away from your collection?

I want people to know that it is okay to make mistakes and it is normal to struggle through the journey, to love them selves unconditionally.

What’s next?

What’s next for me is continuing creative projects & collaborations with the collection Submerged Beauty for the remainder of the year. Launching my website, Branding, product launches, pop-up events and more! Being a recent college graduate I am looking forward to the experiences ahead and roaming free through this rising creative industry in Philly.

Destiny Garner presents Black Unicorns

How do you create?

For me, I usually try to take a break first; whether it’s painting or poetry, I just try to do something to wash my mind from other ideas before I get into a topic.

What are you currently creating?

As of now, I’m still working on putting out my Black Unicorns collection. I’m also currently working on a denim collection focusing on sustainability in the fashion industry.

Favorite Moment of the last year?

One of my favorite moments was showcasing in the TrapArt event in DC - it was my first time showcasing outside of Philly, so it was really cool.

What do you want your art to communicate with the world?

I think my art kind of stands for different things - one time I could be focused on the use of materials in my work and being sustainable, or I might go work on another project that focuses on identity or social and racial problems. I would say overall I just want my art to stand for something, and I want my art to be here when I’m not. And not just “oh that was a pretty dress” but like “oh that dress stood for this or spoke to this person or this group of people.”

Moore College of Art & Design Spring/Summer 2019 FASHION SHOW, Presented by Century 21 Stores

00:52:04 - Shoalyn Opal Brown - Submerged Beauty

00:57:12 - Destiny Garner - Black Unicorns

Designers: @theofficialsho @d.garner_

Creative Director: Sam Colon IG: @ThankYouSam

Photographyer: Tohmie Wilson @departed_archetype

Models: @_callmecasey_ @Morgggan @Trinitiis @XingXinglor

MUA: @Chandlerrain