Philly Create: Opportunities, Networking, and Energy

via Randu Padilla (@randukp)

Inspiration is in the air

Have you ever seen 200 artists crossing a busy city street before? Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of like minded creatives eager to work with someone new. That's what it’s like attending one of the Philly Create artistic meetup events. Organized and supported by the kind hearts of Only Elite Matters, Philly Create has been bringing together a plethora of beautiful artists from all around the Philadelphia area, even attracting the attention of out of state artists who don't at all mind traveling for such an inspiring collaboration. Creatives are truly coming in numbers for an incredibly stimulating environment that isn't always available. Philly Create provides an imaginative creativity and inspiration that many artists have been craving. Featuring well curated locations and props provided by the kindness of local businesses, wonderful spots are turned into full on sets where the flashes and shutters of cameras are going haywire. You’ll see bright flamboyant attire as many models put together their best outfit looking to create an amazing display of vibrancy. Each individual comes looking to share their vision with another artist who's willing to mix with their flare. Every event has been getting additional RSVPs and attendees proving that the following of OEM’s: Philly Create meetup is only growing.

How I found the event and why I keep coming back

During my casual scrolling through Instagram I stumbled upon what appeared to be a pretty chill artistic meetup happening in Philly, located near Temple University. Looking back at the time I was extremely eager to be involved in any artistic spaces and was constantly joining new groups. I found out it was a Philly Create meetup, where photographers and models would all join together, sporadically creating beautiful content in the moment with minimal rules or planning beforehand. Without much experience in either fields of art I was unsure how this meetup would go for me but with the encouragement of a friend, they got me out there and we both allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. This was personally one of the greatest moves in my creative career as I found it was a catalyst for oncoming success.

What I’ve Personally Gained

I showed up to Philly Create with my simple point and shoot camera truly not sure what I was walking into. I’d only recently started attending artist potlucks, but a creative meetup where people would create on the spot was very foreign to me. I quickly found why these are such beautiful settings. Strangers quickly turn to artistic partners and as partners turn into friends you see the beauty behind the event. OEM stays true to its motto of “Connect. Collab. Create.” I truly found friends at the very first event I attended that I would then spend days of my time with, helping them on their projects and getting assistance on my own to the point where projects were harmoniously shared. I attained real best friends who had the same creative intentions as I did and that’s not exactly something you can put an ad out for in the paper. Philly Create provided me with pure connections that turned into beautiful friendships that I hold till this very day.

Artistic Confidence

I walked into the first meetup space not exactly knowing what I was doing. For some artists this is a hard thing to admit. I was the best example of an unexperienced amatuer. No true modeling knowledge let alone any real guidelines in mind for how I wanted to shoot photography. After just that one event, I left with a great start to a portrait portfolio along with some shots that I never would of guessed would be the beginning to my modeling career. I made the best of the event exercising both fields of shooting and posing allowing myself to get practice in both at the same time. Photos of me were then featured on the Philly Create page and that sight alone was unbelievable for me. Anyone can come to OEM’s: Philly Create, with no expectations in mind, and become a highlight of the day. It doesn't matter how many followers you have or your experience here. The excitement, passion, and inspiration I receive from a few hours of work led me to continue going to even more creative meetups where I began learning exactly what I want to experiment with. For me, Philly Create was my catalyst into creation.