Philly Create 3: Event Recap

Philly Create, Philadelphia’s biggest creative meet up brings out close to 200 creatives to connect, collab and create with each other. This time we had people come from New York, Maryland and DC to meet with us at Race St. Pier to tour through downtown Philadelphia and the art district on 2nd st. The energy was palpable and the weather was so perfect that the majority of the photographers shot until their batteries died and the sun went down.

Each event we have featured photographers, stylists, models, videographers and more and we converge on a location in Philadelphia to meet then we tour through between 2-4 locations for the creatives to create. It’s amazing to see people to connect in such a genuine way and exchange ideas with each other in a safe and open space. There are creatives of every level from the amateur photographer who just got his equipment or the model that walked in New York Fashion Week last year and we bridge the gap for them to learn different ways to create content and connect with each other.

Starting out as a photographer I learned that one of the hardest things to do was to get better just by shooting my friends because in all reality my friends weren’t models and didn’t want to be models so I was just forcing them to take pictures with me. It was a painful process but one day a friend of mine turned me onto a designer and connected us, and then I realized the power in shooting with people that were serious or were professionals. I learned so much from just one encounter that I wanted I share that same opportunity with others. Philly Create was born from the need for a community of people with different skill levels but the same passion for creativity.

Philly Create is a space where you can improve your craft, add to your portfolio (portfolio development), work on your social skills, make friends, develop ideas or even scout for your next project. Philly Create is some that the Philadelphia community needs and will continue to thrive because at the end of the day people were born to create.