2018 Most Slept on Cypher

Our goal is to share artists that don't get the recognition they deserve so we searched the tri-state for some of the Most Slept on Lyricist around.  For this list we weren't focused on followers or clout we were focused on the artistic talent and lyricism. Here we have Jules (@YBJules), Chuck Acid (@_chuckacid)  Sic Soul (@Sic_Soul) Saturn, Alexander (@WelcomeToSaturn) James Allen (@JamesAllenRaps)  MC Knowledge (@McKnowledge215)

Cypher Videos:

Videography: Darrly Loke, Sam Colon

Sound: Dylan Rhudd

Production Assistant: Amaria Estes @AmariaEstes

Behind the Scenes: Jaycee Homsher @Jokestar


Installation: Sam Colon, Dylan Rhudd, Joseph Asemota, Amaria Estes

Photography: Dylan Rhudd @D_Rhudd

Edits: Sam Colon @ThankYouSam