Philly Create 4: new year new energy

The largest photographer/model meetup in Philly returns for its fourth installment on January 27, 2019. This is the first meetup of the year and we are connecting with new energy, collaborating with new friends and creating new ideas. Join us and start the year off right.

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What is Philly Create?

A Philadelphia based creative meet up.  

Philly is a city full of creatives; if we were to bring all of this creative energy into one space, what kind of amazing art would we end up with as a result?

This is the question that lead to Philly Create, a creative free-for-all that allows models, photographers, stylists, artists and more to connect and collaborate with one another.

Creatives of all skill levels are invited to attend this interactive networking event. Photographers and models are encouraged to explore  the surrounding area to capture the best shots possible, with stylists and artists providing some of the clothing and artwork to compliment the visuals.

Featuring some of the most talented models and photographers in the Philadelphia area, the goal with this event is to reintroduce the idea of collaboration to the creative community in Philadelphia.

Philly is for creatives; let's show the world how we create.