New Money Project


Back in the 1850's there was something called the Wildcat Banking Era which was before the gov't made a national banking system and currency was printed and issued by state banks. During that time there was no universal paper currency so all the paper money looked vastly different.

American money is used as a medium of exchange (a way to buy things) and also a worldwide communicator because each bill has a person on it and a story connected to it. Imagine if the next version of currency was created by modern artists and we were the ones to tell the stories through the imagery on money...what story would you tell and what would the money look like?

We are getting 20+ artists to create different paper currency and combining all of the different creations to make a “New Money” installation at our upcoming event in mid September. The installation will explore money as a form of art, our personal relationship with money and how money can be used to communicate a story or perspective.

Prompt: Create at least 2 different paper tenders size 6 inches X 2.5 inches. It can be on any type of paper and there can be any design or style you want we just want it to be interesting, unique and dynamic. Also want the designto look like it could be a real design.

Below are real paper paper currency we used at one point in American history.

A really dope article on the history of paper money.

Flyer for the upcoming event in September.