The Project: Philly Create Denim Edition

  • Gold Package

    • 2 month campaign

    • 1 platform strategy -- Instagram


We worked with a company in the creative industry to do the following:

  • Developing content to increase engagement rates across platform

  • Supporting PR campaign and strategic messaging across Instagram

  • Launching targeted Instagram advertising campaigns to support efforts

  • Streamlining imagery used on platform for brand consistency

  • Managing community management and social networking efforts

  • Integrating user-generated content into social media efforts

Strategies and Tactics:

  • Developed consistent social media content categories focused on driving key messaging. Categories include:

    • The Probiotic Advantage: Focused on highlighting unique advantages product has in probiotics market

    • Relief is in Season: Highlighting spring activities people can enjoy without worrying about seasonal allergy symptoms thanks to allergy formula

    • Gut Health for Best Health: Focused on educating people of the importance of gut health.

    • Survive and Thrive: Inspirational and motivational quotes to inspire people to live their best lives

    • Articles and Opinions: Highlighting press coverage and news related to gut health and probiotics

  • Created custom branded graphics and styled lifestyle imagery for Facebook posts

  • Launched Facebook post engagement advertising campaign to expand reach of posts

  • Launched content campaign to generate buzz for launch at Target including a giveaway to Facebook fans

The Results:

Key campaign wins

  • Increased weekly post engagement rates by 82% from an average of 700 weekly engagements to 1.2k+ weekly engagements

  • Increased followers by 5.3k+ in campaign with 22% community growth

  • Target content campaign received 7.8k+ impressions and Facebook giveaway received 200+ entries